What is wagyu?

Wagyu beef is a highly-prized and sought-after meat. This is because full-blood Wagyu genetics are so rare (meaning few farmers have herds of true Wagyu as opposed to Wagyu crossbreeds) and the growing process is so involved (it takes at least 36 months!).

This is where the marble score rating comes in. The Meat and Livestock Association of Australia has to grade each and every carcass (from 1 – 9+) depending on the amount and fineness of the marbling in its meat. The higher the rating (9+ is the highest score achievable in Australia), the better quality (and more delicious) the meat. So when you’re buying Wagyu the things to ask are ‘is it full-blood?’ and ‘what marble score did this piece of beef get?’.

Sevens Creek Wagyu cattle – because of their superior genetics and the careful and consistent way we raise them – are usually rated 9 or 9+. So if you’re buying from us, you know you’re buying the best, and nothing tastes better than the real thing.