Learn How to Perfectly Smoke Wagyu Beef

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Smoke Tank BBQ Demonstration

Sevens Creek Wagyu is partnering with Smoke Tank BBQ to bring you a live smoking demonstration on how to cook and smoke Fullblood Wagyu MS9+ Brisket. Chris Davey will cover all aspects from what to look for when selecting your brisket, trimming, rubs, fuel selection, temperature control, cooking, smoking & serving up to impress your family and friends. Chris will be demonstrating on the very accessible Weber Kettle BBQ, sharing his extensive knowledge & experience in a Q & A session for beginners to accomplished bbq pit masters.

This event will be taking place at 11am on Sunday the 11th of July.

Taste The Creation

At the end of the demonstration you will have the change to taste the smoked brisket in an American style hamburger. Everything from the Q & A to your delicious hamburger is included in the event entrance fee so book now to secure your place at our live demonstration at our farm in the beautiful Strathbogie Rangers.

Please be sure everyone in your party reserves their spot with us so we can be prepared to meat your needs.