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What is Wagyu?

About Sevens Creek Wagyu

Sevens Creek Wagyu is a family-run, Victorian company whole-heartedly committed to ethically raising Wagyu cattle in the traditional Japanese way. After farming Angus cattle for more than 20 years, Sevens Creek Wagyu owner Christine was introduced to the Wagyu breed in 2006. Chris had never tasted anything like it. And you won’t either. Wagyu is a highly flavoursome beef that comes from a Japanese breed of cattle. The marbling in the meat is what gives you that tender, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth experience when you eat it.

We pride ourselves on producing superb full-blood Wagyu beef in the pristine environment of the Strathbogie ranges.

Our Story

High up in the hills of the Strathbogie Ranges in rural Victoria you will find the Sevens Creek Wagyu farm. With 900 acres of bushland and the spectacular Seven Creeks running through the property, this farm – and it’s natural springs and acres of untreated grass – is a very special place to grow cattle. We pride ourselves in caring for and protecting the land (and its many native animal inhabitants – you’ll often see a herd of kangaroos keeping the cattle company or a wombat plodding across the landscape.

"What a great experience... definitely recommend it"

- Louise

"The most tender steak I have ever had the pleasure of eating"

- Andrew

"Steak was cooked to perfection along with a beautiful ambiance and country scenery. It made for a great experience."

- Steven

Our Cattle

The Japanese method of raising Wagyu – an intricate process that involves grass-feeding until the steer is 18 months-old and then moving them onto a grain supplement. But don’t worry, our cows still live in paddocks and are free to roam with their mates. This special diet helps each cow put on a certain amount of weight at each stage of their development and this is how the marbled meat develops.